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    • Model :SC59Vet
    • Brand :Anasonic
    • Price :Paul.han@lepu-medical.com

    Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound System

    1. Detailed information

    SC59 Vet is a stable and full-featured veterinary color ultrasound product from AXA. It has excellent ergonomic design and is suitable for ultrasonic examination of various animal types and parts, which can meet the needs of outdoor farms and pet hospitals.To provide you with a comprehensive clinical solution.


    ● High resolution, 18.5 inch medical HD LCD display

    ● Support mobile standby

    ●  Adjustable display: -20°~ +90°

    ● Rich measurement package to meet clinical needs

    ● Easy to operate and conform to the workflow

    ● Beautiful appearance, strong internal performance and stability.

    ● Multiple imaging modes

        B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging, Panoramic imaging, Trapezoid imaging, Anatomical M mode, Color M    mode.

    Advanced imaging technology:

       ● PHI pulse inversion tissue harmonic imaging + frequency composite technology

           Get better penetration and get a more detailed 2D image

       ● Space composite imaging technology

     Reduce single image artifacts by multiple angle image composites to improve signal-to-noise ratio

       ● Speckle noise suppression technology

           Eliminate two-dimensional image speckle noise and significantly improve image signal-to-noise ratio

       ● Color Doppler enhancement technology

     Effectively suppress color flow flash noise, improve blood flow resolution and sensitivity

       ● Multi-beam parallel processing technology

     Quadruple beam parallel processing to ensure good image resolution while increasing image refresh frame rate

       ● Intravascular medial membrane automatic measurement

            Simple operation and improved work efficiency

    ● Four probe interfaces, multiple probe options, support multiple probe modes

      Electronic convex array, electronic linear array, intracavity convex array, phased array, micro convex probe, etc.

    Clinical Images

    anasonic Ultrasound

    anasonic Ultrasound

    anasonic Ultrasound