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    • Model :C5Pro
    • Brand :Anasonic
    • Price :Paul.han@lepu-medical.com

    Anasonic C5Pro

    1. Detailed information


    anasonic Ultrasound Comprehensive Clinical Application Solutions

    anasonic UltrasoundAbdomen       anasonic UltrasoundOB/GYN      anasonic Ultrasound Urology       anasonic UltrasoundCardiology (fetal)       anasonic UltrasoundSmall parts     anasonic UltrasoundPediatrics       anasonic UltrasoundVascular

    anasonic Ultrasound Economical and practical


    anasonic UltrasoundTransducers with broad frequency band and various frequencies

    anasonic UltrasoundAutomatic trace on PW frequency map

    anasonic Ultrasound2D, color and Doppler frequency conversion

    anasonic UltrasoundReal time dual-display 2D images and color flow images

    anasonic UltrasoundOne key saving and restoring image parameters helps shorten operating time effectively 

    anasonic Ultrasound Versatile Probe Options

     Versatile probe options: convex probe, linear probe, endocavity probe

    anasonic Ultrasound Advanced Imaging Technologies

    anasonic UltrasoundHigh precision dynamic focus imaging

    anasonic UltrasoundSpatial compound imaging

    anasonic UltrasoundFrequency compound imaging


    anasonic Ultrasound Clinical Images


    anasonic Ultrasound Smart design and mobility make it easy to carry