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5th Anniversary,AnaSonic blooms on the 81st CMEF

At the end of year 2014,there are several friends who worked for more than ten years in a well-known medical enterprise in China found that it’s highly polarized in color ultrasound fields: high-end brands with high-price,high-performance and high-quality services; low-end brands are numerous but not guarantee clinical effects. But there are few for good quality with inexpensive products. Most Hospitals and clinics need machines that can be truly diagnosed and not expensive. They decided to make such level products for this market.


         After several months of preparation, AnaSonic have been established.

l  Launched the first serial cost-effective color ultrasound scanner C5/C5 Plus at the end of 2015,it has achieved rapid success in the color ultrasound scanner market and entered the top ten Export ranking of domestic manufacture.

l  In 2016, AnaSonic has released a high-performance portable color ultrasound scanner C7, which greatly improve image quality and functions.

l  In year of 2017, AnaSonic released the trolley stand ultrasonic SC series to expand the product line.

l  In 2018, AnaSonic released a very cost-effective entry-level color ultrasound scanner C3 which is aiming at the huge B/W market, it got a quickly praise after released.

l  In 2019,AnaSonic released the notebook color ultrasound module and fully upgrade the image quality of existing products, its start the road to high performance.




 It was the most good weather in Shanghai in recent years for CMEF 2019,AnaSonic booth is still

Abustle although the visitor of avenue is declined. Opportunity always given for a man who hae the preparing,our exhibition have gained an effective number of visitors beyond history.

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound

anasonic Ultrasound


We have get a great achievement for this exhibition, and many distributor want to cooperate from all over the world.



With five years of continuous efforts, AnaSonic has gained a little bit of reputation and a good product foundation for Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine. In the future, we will not forget our original intention and continue to develop more good products for humans.