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SC60Ultrasound System

SC60 is a new generation premium cart-based color Doppler ultrasound system. With comprehensive clinical examination function, excellent ergonomic design and diversified matching functions ,it can meet the diverse needs of customers.

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● 18.5"high resolution LCD

● 10.1" touch screen

●  Rich measurement package to meet clinical needs

●  Adjustable range of rotation: 0°~ +90°Adjustable height of articulated arm: -30°~+65°,adjustable rotation range: -90°~ +90°.

●  One key saving and restoring image parameters helps shorten operating time effectively.

●  Quickly switch Chinese and English operation interfaceSupport multiple input methods.

●  Multiple imaging modes

    B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging, Panoramic imaging, Trapezoid imaging, Anatomical M mode, Color M  mode.

●  Four probe interfaces, multiple probe options, support multiple probe modes

Electronic convex probe, linear probe, intracavitary probe, phased array probe, micro convex probe, etc..


Advanced imaging technology:

● Tissue digital imaging and Anatomical M mode

● Auto measurement of intima-media thickness(IMT)

● PHI pulse inversion tissue harmonic imaging + frequency composite technology

   Get better penetration and get a more detailed 2D image

● Speckle noise suppression technology

   Eliminate two-dimensional image speckle noise and significantly improve image signal-to-noise ratio.

● Color Doppler enhancement technology
   Effectively suppress color flow flash noise, improve blood flow resolution and sensitivity.

● Multi-beam parallel processing technology
   Quadruple beam parallel processing to ensure good image resolution while increasing image refresh frame rate..

● Support B, C, PW, CW modes, Duplex& Triplex ,Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging, Panoramic imaging.