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[Exhibition Review] CMEF2018 Shenzhen Autumn Expo ended Successfully, Thank you for your Support!

On November 1, the four-day 80th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo (CMEF) ended successfully at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. AnaSnioc Medical appreciates your support and companionship.

CMEF is an internationally renowned medical event. Medical experts, professional buyers, and medical companies from all over the world gathered to showcase a bustling medical feast. In this feast, AnaSnioc  Medical performed well.

During the exhibition, the customers in front of the AnaSnioc's  booth were in constant stream, the old customers continued to visit, and the new customers were springing up. They all showed great interest in AnaSnioc's products. After personally operating the products, they all expressed great praise to AnaSnioc's  products.

As the theme of the exhibition, "The Power of Progress," AnaSnioc's  products are also developing in the direction of better quality and better performance!


AnaSnioc's Style

At the CMEF exhibition, AnaSnioc's sales team is full of energy, and greet the exhibition in the best condition. Facing customers, AnaSnioc's colleagues insist on customer first, always full of enthusiasm, in order to bring the best experience for customers.



Wonderful Review of the Exhibition

At the beginning of the CMEF exhibition in Shenzhen, the appearance of AnaSnioc's products attracted many exhibiting customers. They all learn about the products in front of the AnaSnioc's booth, and AnaSnioc's colleagues also introduced and demonstrated our products with the utmost enthusiasm.Through the product demonstration, the customer knows more about AnaSnioc's products and expresses great affirmation on the image quality of the products. AnaSnioc once again shows the customers the continuous progress of AnaSnioc.


Each of AnaSnioc's products has been continuously researched and improved, and has been continuously tested. With excellent stability and high image quality, it can stand the test of time. AnaSnioc is full of confidence in its products. In fact, AnaSnioc's products are also popular and have received wide acclaim at the show.



Product-Oriented, Insist on Innovation


AnaSonic Medical always insists on continuous innovation. Since its inception, several products have been launched.In recent years, the portable color ultrasound C3, C7 series, trolley color ultrasound SC59, SC60 series have been continuously improved in image quality. AnaSonic always adheres to the product quality as the center and continuously improves the products in order to bring the best product quality and the best operating experience to customers.


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